Our platform allows you to maintain accurate logs of all mail that they redirect for your customers, a legal requirement under the Money Laundering Regulations. This features comes as standard with our Services Manager application, and providers the added benefit of allowing the your customer to see a record of post which has been forwarded to them and the costs for doing so all through your website.

Mail is logged through a specifically designer portal built for speed and efficiency, meaning the process of logging and forwarding of post (even large quantities of mail) is handled with simplicity.

Whatever your charging structure for the post you redirect and the services you provide, our interface allows for this flexibility. You set the charges for mail handling and the process for the mail handling, and our system will correctly charge your customers on your behalf accordingly. Even down to setting a minimum invoice value. Never find yourself incorrectly charging, or not charging, for forwarded post.

Our Services Manager includes the functionality that automatically handles repeat billing of customers services, such as Registered Address and Mail Handling (including any others too). This feature will enable your customers to choose to auto-renew these services, which will in turn automatically invoice the customers accordingly and where appropriate automatically take payment for the invoice from your customers payment card. This same process will also automatically invoice your customers each month for any post you have forwarded to them and again take payment of that invoice from their payment card. Completely streamlining your accounting process for this area of the business.