Irrespective whether you use KashFlow Accounts or not, our comprehensive financial reporting provides you a clear view of your business. Our reporting allows you to see your best selling products, your sales, your product Upsell rates, your commissions earned and a whole lot more.

Should you decide to use KashFlow Accounts for your company accounting software, then we have a fully automated integration to their API that ensures sales activities are automatically fed into your company's day to day accounts. All product sales are allocated to the correct departments, payments are automatically reconciled to the appropriate invoices, even any cancelled orders are corrected credited and refunded in your company accounts. Further streamlining and automated another traditionally manual aspect of your business.

We appreciate that there will be times when you have to bill a customer for something completely random or bespoke which we couldn't possible cater for. For these circumstances we have catered for it, we have provided the ability within eFiling for you to manually invoice a customer for anything. This process will email your invoice to your client with a link allowing them to pay that invoice by card online. If you use our KashFlow integration this payment will automatically be reconciled to your invoice in your accounts. Furthermore, if you have the authority from your client to use Repeat Authority on their card, our platform allows you to automatically take payment from their stored card for the invoice. All at the click of a button.

Our PCI DSS compliant server infrastructure allows our clients to utilise the benefits of Repeat Authority on payment cards. This functionality is a standard feature of our platform but is subject to your bank providing you with an authorised merchant account (we can assist with getting this in place). Using this functionality will allow your regular clients to make repeated purchases from you without needing to enter their card details every time, or for you to do bespoke work and bill their card without needing to ask them for their card details each time or for you to store them. Our secure servers take care of the security aspects for you with our nominated card processing agent Secure Trading.