If you offer a bespoke company formation type, perhaps Flat Management Companies, which attract a different charge than your normal company formation based on the type of M&A's used this is no problem. Our platform allows you to set a variable price on your company formations which can fluctuate based on which M&A document the customer chooses to use.

Sometimes the end customer may wish to upload their own bespoke M&A document to be used, again our platform is able to cater for this as either a global setting for all your customers or restricted to specific customers or company formation package options. We also provide you with the ability to apply a charge to this option should you wish.

Often our clients find they have a regular client, such as an accountancy firm or solicitor, who wishes to have the M&A documents branded in theri name rather than the formation agents. Our platform allows our customers to create a bespoke configuration for these customers so that our system automatically outputs the documents in the name of their client with no additional work by the formation agent. Again, this can be provided as a free or a chargeable service, you decide.

If you a member of ACRA (Association of Company Registration Agents) we already have their default M&A templates built into our platform for your use. However if you are not a member of ACRA that is not a problem as we also have an alternative set of templates available to use, or alternatively you may use your own. Our system has the completely flexibility to cater for any of these scenarios.