If you have clients who want something a bit bespoke for them, perhaps a few more copies of the M&As, or they would like a VAT registration included in the package. In fact any number of variations can be catered for within our platform to suit all your clients company formation needs. The flexibility of our applications allows you to create bespoke packages specifically for particular clients as well as override the prices on your standard packages for others. This allows you to be as flexible as you need to be to maintain your relationships with your clients.

Our platform does not just cater for company formations only, our Company Shop and standard order process allow you to sell anything you wish. These products can be globally available for all your customers, or you can add products specific to a particular client. You can then also set custom prices for customers too, offering special discounts to repeat customers for example.

We all like to sell multiples of a product, so our platform allows you to offer incentives to buy more than one. Using our multi-buy discount feature on a product allows you to offer x% discount on the standard price of a product if a customer buys more than one. Encourage your customers to spend a little more with you.

A great selling tool is the incentive to buy an additional product when purchasing a particular package. Our platform allows you to offer a product at different levels of discount depending on which company formation package they buy. For example, get a 10% discount on your registered office service when buying your basic company formation package but get a 25% discount when buying your more profitable comprehensive company formation package.

All these features come as standard on hosted platform feature.