eFiling is an approved software package provider for Companies House, having already been tested and verified by their technical team. With our application you are ready to go without needing to undergo any further tests. We can also help you with the account application process to become an approved Software Filing agent if you are not already a software filer, and if you do not have a dedicated account manager at Companies House we will be able to put you in touch with one who covers your area.

Our platform will allow all orders placed through your website or orders you process through our admin facility will be transmitted immediately to Companies House, without any need for re-keying of information.

Our platform is a dedicated and comprehensive e-commerce application for the company formation industry. This means by utilising our Hosted Platform feature your website will sit on our platform and benefit from the automated self-service tools that will enable your customers to order direct from your website. Our technology will then process that order on your behalf all the way through to fulfillment, and if a company formation is rejected for any reason our system will communicate with your client in your name and guide your customer to rectify the cause of the problem and re-submit. All thes etools aimed at streamlining your business, increasing your profitability, and allowing your customers to self-service.

However, we still provide tools that will enable you to look after any customers you wish who may require a more personal service. These can all be facilitated through either our Admin Order or our Switch to Customer tools.

We appreciate that our customers will also work with other suppliers, such as company seal providers and more. To cater for situations where our customers may wish to automate placing orders with external parties when they sell a product, we have developed an automated supplier notification feature. This process will automatically notify the supplier of a product that it has been ordered, and where appropriate provide the supplier with delivery details or customisations if the product (such as a seal) needs to be bespoke for a newly incorporated company.