Our platform will create your covering letters for you, personalised for each customer and each order, with bespoke content as required depending on what the customers has ordered. This letters can be emailed to your customers as a PDF or queued in Dispatch for printing.

For specialised or high volume situations we provide an API that some of our clients utilise for linking to their print systems, completely automating the entire print room function. This feature allows software developers to create an application that will link a specific document, such as a Certificate of Incorporation, and define which printer and tray to print the certificate on. Our API server all orders that require printing to this application as required.

Our document output functionality provides exceptional flexibility to have all manner of documentation delivered to your customers, whether it is a request for more information in relating to Money Laundering Compliance right through to a discount voucher. Using custom replace codes to personalise the documents we are able to take almost any template document and deliver it to your clients automatically as appropriate for their orders.